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What is amoCRM all about?   AmoCRM (CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management) offers an easy-to-use, web based and hosted CRM solution for businesses.   With no complex interfaces, no configuration and no tutorials or lengthy manuals, amoCRM provides exactly what you need and you can begin working immediately after registration.   Your database will include all potential transactions and customers, the entire history of your negotiations, your tasks to be completed and reminders and all necessary tools for analysis, including a sales pipeline.   The system greatly supports how you find, attract and win new clients, nurture and retain existing clients and entice former clients back into the fold.   AmoCRM is also accessible from any computer or smartphone with Internet access.

What you get with amoCRM:

  • Leads Management -- amoCRM is a B2B leads and sales management system that helps you turn leads into loyal customers by following the steps outlined in the system;
  • Contact Management that keeps track of all your clients by classifying them with custom tags and storing any information you’ll need, including contact info, notes to remember, past negotiations and more;
  • Tasks Management -- amoCRM’s tasks feature alerts you by e-mail and a small window on your dashboard of all up-coming and important matters;
  • On-going Reports that will tell you who handled which account and what had transpired – you learn what’s going on without actually always being present;
  • Sales Analysis that enables you to find out exactly where you are losing the most business in your negotiation or sales process and once identified, you can work on ways to improve it and
  • Configuration and Access that through the rights management feature you can designate who sees what in your system, keeping sensitive information sensitive and your clients’ info secure.

There are four easy steps to increase sales with amoCRM – no extra charges, hidden costs or difficult software to install:  

A big difference is to be found between amoCRM and similar systems:   

  • Excel spreadsheet or Google Docs is the easiest and most affordable to create a database of clients, but amoCRM not only keeps record of the contacts database but also the history of negotiations for each transaction, allowing you to assign specific tasks and receive notifications on upcoming deadlines -- for example, reminding you to call back a client or that you have an upcoming meeting.   Excel and Google allow anyone to see anything they want, while amoCRM has rights management, to control who has access and who is allowed to see what exactly.   Besides, amoCRM offers analytical reports that help to increase sales;
  • The big CRM systems such as Salesforce, Siebel and Dynamics help increase sales and maintain relationships with clients throughout the product or service’s life cycle and also enable you to automate unique business processes, but they are expensive, while amoCRM is much cheaper and does not require complex and costly implementation, any special skills, previous CRM experience or training, even for the least tech-savvy member of the office, and does not require expensive support (in fact, any support is free and quick).   You can begin using amoCRM immediately, without the assistance of technical experts;
  • Other simple online systems such as Highrise, SugarCRM and onlineCRM even lack certain advantages compared with amoCRM -- they only work with the contact databases, while amoCRM with the transactions as well.   AmoCRM was designed specifically to work its best in a B2B (or business-to-business) environment and amoCRM offers important analytic tools, such as the Sales Pipeline, which can greatly increase profits by improving sales process.

Finally, you can try amoCRM for free, with absolutely no cost and no credit card required.   You can start using it within minutes of signing up.

amoCRM: What makes it different?

The main differentiator of amoCRM from other similar solutions is the simplicity of its operation.   It is more than an ordinary notebook, but simpler and really self-explanatory in comparison to other systems.   Even though amoCRM reaches out to every new user offering help and answers to questions about the system and its features, only 5% or less actually require its assistance.   Yet, amoCRM greatly supports how you find, attract and win new clients, nurture and retain existing clientele and entice former clients back into your customers’ list.

AmoCRM is different from similar solutions due to the following reasons:

  • Unlike similar systems, amoCRM not only works with the contact databases, but also the transactions as well;
  • amoCRM was designed specifically to work its best in a B2B (or business-to-business) environment;
  • amoCRM offers important analytic tools, such as the Sales Pipeline, which can greatly increase profits by improving your sales process.

Finally, amoCRM is more affordable considering the advantages it offers.

amoCRM vs. primary competitors (sites similar to amoCRM)

There are numerous CRM systems offered in the cloud, some are big schemes such as Oracle Siebel, Salesforce, Mycrosoft Dynamics and Infusionsoft and they require complex, not to mention costly, implementation, special skills, previous CRM experience or even training for employees.   

The idea of business-specific CRM services that offer ease and simplicity and are affordable is a trend that is starting to gain more and more popularity lately.   In this group are amoCRM (traffic ranking 612,195), Highrise or (traffic ranking 3,283), SugarCRM (traffic ranking 6,603) and onlineCRM (traffic ranking 9,035,650), to mention a few.   We’ll focus on Highrise ( and SugarCRM, as onlineCRM is way down below in position in the market.

AmoCRM compares positively with Highrise, SugarCRM and even onlineCRM due to the following reasons:

  • Unlike similar systems, amoCRM not only works with the contact databases, but also the transactions as well;
  • amoCRM was designed specifically to work its best in a B2B (or business-to-business) environment;
  • amoCRM offers important analytic tools, such as the Sales Pipeline, which can greatly increase profits by improving your sales process and
  • amoCRM is more affordable.
amoCRM: Pricing & packages

Now, we’ll see how the three rivals amoCRM, Highrise ( and sugarCRM compare in prices of their products.

Free                           Solo                             Starter                     Optimal                     Premium
$0/month                   10/month                      $19/month                $49 / month              $99/month
2 users                       1 user                           3 users                     10 users                   Unlimited
100 contacts                2,500 contacts               5,000 contacts           25,000 contacts         Unlimited
 5 open leads               50 open leads               100 open leads           Unlimited                  Unlimited

No Analytics                  Analytics Enabled           Analytics Enabled       Analytics Enabled      Analytics Enabled
No rights management   No rights management   Rights management   Rights management   Rights management
Premium                                     Plus                                     Basic     
$99/month                              $49/month                            $24/month    
(For Power Users)              (Most Popular Plan)                (For Small Groups)

Up to 40 users                       Up to 15 users                        Up to 6 users
30 GB storage                        15 GB storage                         5 GB storage
Unlimited deals                      Unlimited deals                           10 deals

30,000 contacts                      20,000 contacts                       5,000 contacts
Enhanced security                 Enhanced security                   Enhanced security
                                 30-day free trial on all accounts
Highrise also offers a free plan (2 users, no files, 250 contacts) and a solo plan (1 user, 5 GB file storage, unlimited deals, 20k contacts, $29/month).

Sugar Professional       Sugar Corporate       Sugar Enterprise       Sugar Ultimate
$360/user/year             $540/user/year         $720/user/year      $1,200/user/year
Each edition includes:      

  • Full sales, marketing and support automation, email integration, reporting, team selling, advanced security, workflow automation, social CRM;
  • Support for 22 languages, unlimited API calls, regular back-ups of your customer data;
  • Choice of either on-premise or cloud-based CRM deployment - plus more.   

Further details are published on the Buy Now page.

Evidently and further to our Section 3 above, amoCRM offers more and charges less in the competition.

amoCRM: Product images & screenshots
amoCRM Coupons
amoCRM: Customer reviews & comments

There are nice reviews about amoCRM on the Web.   Take a look.

Published on
AmoCRM Revolutionizes Deal Management             
By Dane Carlson, Sep. 16, 2011

Customer relations management systems (CRM) are used by businesses to manage their deals, contacts, and negotiations with clients. CRM solutions also include ways to help companies analyze their business model, such as by building sales funnels which help businesses figure out where they are (or are not) doing well in the sales process.

amoCRM offers a CRM that empowers businesses and helps small and medium sized businesses grow sales, improve client relations, and run more smoothly and efficiently.

While most CRM developers focus primarily on their contacts systems, amoCRM focuses on ease of use and a deal management system that sets it miles apart from its competitors.        

From the deals tab, users can see each deal they’re authorized to see and create new deals. After clicking on a deal, users are taken to a deal preview page. From here, they can preview a deal and view its status, associated contacts, related tasks, and history. This allows different employees and managers to update each other about the deal’s status in one centralized location. Having a centralized location ensures that every employee who can view the deal doesn’t fall out of the loop.

As a hosted Web service, amoCRM is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. There’s no software to install and users don’t have to worry about mis-syncing different offline customer relations databases.

The rest of the system is also designed to be as simple and easy-to-use as possible. That’s why amoCRM has top-notch customer support, a quick and straightforward setup process, and doesn’t require any additional training. It can be used straight out of the box by somebody who’s never used it before.

Free Trial
For $10 per month, lone wolf entrepreneurs can get a Solo account that’s tailored to their needs. A Starter account costs $19 per month, and has a few more options. The Premium account, which costs $49 per month, should be fine for most businesses but ones with more than 10 employees will want the $99 per month option.

Business Opportunities Weblog readers are invited to try out amoCRM for free, for thirty days, with no obligation and no credit card required.    
The price actually sounds reasonable. Hopefully some small business owners that stop by will take advantage of that 30 day deal. The company sounds like they could really help.
- Angela Shupe, Sep. 16, 2011 10:33 a.m.

Published on    
AmoCRM Carves Out a Niche for Itself in the Already Dense CRM Industry
San Francisco, Calif., Dec. 7, 2011

amoCRM takes a new approach to hosted CRM systems, by focusing more on your leads, and increasing your conversion and customer retention rates, instead of just having a contact database that is accessible from anywhere there’s an internet connection; Which it also does, by incorporating the latest in Cloud Computing technology. amoCRM is so much more than a CRM system, it’s a sales management tool. By only including the features you need, they avoided the “Feature Heavy” title that so many of its competitors have received. They were able to make a system so simple to navigate, even the most un-tech-savvy person in the office could figure it out on their own in just minutes.

However, amoCRM does more than just conveniently organize all your leads and contacts into one easily accessible location, it acts as a project management tool also. Use the “Tasks” feature to create goals for your employees, or yourself, and then monitor their progress. You can also use it to remind you of any upcoming deadlines, or meetings, that you can’t afford to miss. amoCRM’s “Tasks” feature will send you e-mail reminders the day before, of everything you enter into the system. Also, use the system’s “Dashboard” feature to see what events took place that day, without actually being present for everything. Combining the “Dashboard” with the system’s “Analytic Tools” is a great way to monitor your sales team’s actions, and performance.

The system’s “Analytic Tools” are another reason people are drawn to amoCRM. Once again, amoCRM has only incorporated the most important reporting features into their system, to make reading, interpreting, and correctly acting on them as simple as possible. You can view the sales distribution by activity, or employee, letting you, at a glance, keep up to date with who’s doing what, and where most of your recent leads/customers stand in your purchasing process. The system also incorporated a “Sales Pipeline” model, which is extremely helpful in pin-pointing any weak areas of your sales process; It highlights the areas where you are losing the most business, that might have otherwise gone un-noticed. This graph follows your leads from first introduction, to your last interaction, including follow-ups, for determining post-sale satisfaction.

Right now, amoCRM is running a “no risks, no obligations” 30 day free trial, that requires no credit card or personal information. Use it as much, or as little as you want, and don’t worry about you or your company being charged a dime, as there is no automatic billing. After 30 days, should you choose to continue, the paid packages start at just $10 a month, and it’s month-to-month payments, with no contracts and no automatic charges, so you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan anytime you’d like. To find out more about the system, or sign up for the 30 day free trial, simply login to today, or give them a call at 415-874-3274 between 9:30am-5:30pm PST, and one of their knowledgeable account reps would be happy to answer any of your questions, or sign you up for the trial right over the phone. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, sign up for your free trial today!

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Just revisited. Excellent work.

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