LiveChat vs. vs. Pure Chat vs. Chatrify: Live Chat Software Compared
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LiveChat vs. vs. Pure Chat vs. Chatrify: Live Chat Software Compared

LiveChat is the most famous generally, and it’s one of the best for customization. Free options include which has many of the same features as the rest for free, as well as Chatrify, though this free option is limited. Pure Chat is especially good for beginners who are comfortable with Wordpress.
Covered in this report
LiveChat — Best Features
Use social media accounts and add logo and operator picture.
Get automated responses for your chats with full customization.
Best for: Those looking for a high degree of live chat customization. — Best Features
The app is completely free for you to use.
Get additional hire an agent services for $1 per hour.
Best for: Those looking for a free chat solution for their business.
Pure Chat — Best Features
Visitor info includes geo location, site ingress and previous visits.
Wordpress Plugin makes application easy to install and implement.
Best for: Beginners just getting started with their business.
Chatrify — Best Features
Get email chat transcripts with higher levels of subscription.
I-spy feature allows you to watch what a visitor is typing in your site.
Best for: Those looking for the most information possible about sessions.

Chat options are always going to make for better interaction with clients and customers than if you didn’t have it. That’s why it pays off to select which service you add to your site carefully. Here are a few of the better ones with all of their features lined up for you to peruse in order to make the best choice you can on that score.


LiveChat is one of the most popular services online when it comes to chat programming for businesses. It has a fairly large spread of customization and features, plus it’s largely positively reviewed.


  • Chat Protocols-It’s possible for the website visitor to get transcripts directly through the chat window if they want.
  • Free Trial-Try it out for 30 days, and you can do this right from the main first page by using your business email in the sign-up box.
  • Use Social Media and Pictures-It can definitely help improve customer interactions if your operators have pictures attached to their account, and you can do this in LiveChat. It’s also possible to connect social media accounts so that customers can contact you that way. is free chat software to let business owners watch visitors on their site and open chat boxes with them if they want. There’s never any cost for the chat software itself, though manning it with staff, not from you and yours is a service that is experimenting with.


  • Free Software-The app and software itself is free. You’ll generally be hard pressed to find better live chat software that doesn’t cost anything at all.
  • Hiring Personnel Through the Service-If you actually want someone else besides you for actually manning the chat, you can go through the same service. The rates start out at about $1 per hour, though the feature is still in a Beta trial as of early 2017.
  • Android App-The app for is highly well-reviewed, and the pledge is that it will always remain free. You can download it right from the Play store.

Pure Chat

Pure Chat is often a good option for beginners due to its highly intuitive controls and beginner-friendly options like Wordpress plugins.


  • Wordpress Plugin-This service has compatibility with options like WordPress, making it a goo choice for beginners.
  • Block IP Address-If a visitor is causing problems for your site, you can block them through IP address from chat and more.
  • Monitor Chats Inconspicuously-If you’re trying to make sure that agents are implementing your policies correctly through the chat rooms, you can do this without alerting the customer to the fact. This makes for easier quality control.


Chatrify has strong options for helping you pull in information about customers that you interact with. They have a free option but many of the better features require a subscription that can be on the pricey side if you pay month to month.


  • Free Option-You can get a free option on Chatrify just like, but it’s fairly neutered compared to elsewhere. You only get 14-days of chat history at the free Chatrify option, for example. It does remain free for as long as you want, however.
  • I-Spy Option-You can watch visitors writing stuff in the chat so that you can better respond to them and with more speed.
  • Email Transcripts-This feature allows you to get transcripts of customer interactions through your email account.

Head to Head


LiveChat gives business owners a considerable amount of control over the live chat interface. For example, there’s an option for offline mode so that you can inform visitors that no one is there right now, or else just make it so that they can send an email instead when operators aren’t on. The service integrates with many different other tools such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, Highrise and others. has a lot of the features that other chat software has, with the difference being that it’ s free. You can use different aliases for answering custoemrs, you can ban visitors who are causing problems, tehre’s a full chat history option. This option appears to be just as good as what you get from LiveChat, for example.There doesn’t seem to be a limit to it like there is on LiveChat.

Pure Chat paints itself as a live chat service that boosts sales. The claim is a 300% boost due to how visitors prefer chat to phone or email.One big feature that sets Pure Chat apart from others is their contacts options. You can save contact information from visitors who give it to you, and then all of this gets saved into a database you can lookup rapidly. This includes any conversation you’ve had with that person in the past. You can also use the tag system to help remind you of anything that you need. The service also integrates with Zapier. The service will give you notifications for leads and plenty of charts and other relevant customer data as well. TI definitely appears to have more features than some of the competitors, especially when it comes to contacts.

Chatrify has some unique features for info gathering like allowing you to track concurrent visitors and the I-Spy option that allows you to check on exactly what visitors are typing in your site and chat. This can let agents get a leg up on answering questions more oquickly since they can start retrieving information even before something is sent. Additionally, they can help more with shy customers who type in something but don’t send it, for example. The full version of the tool gives you unlimited summary reports, though this is only 14 days for the free version. You can also see exactly what path your visitor takes, although this option si also available elsewhere, such as at often. It’s worth noting you don’t get phone support for the product unless you pay for a plan, however. They will respond to your emails though.

Overall, the impressive thing about is that it gives so many features without charign you anything. Pure Chat has more features related to contacts and customer data than many of the others, and LiveChat is all about the customization, more so than what Pure Chat or appear to provide in general.


The LiveChat pricing is also fairly customizable and flexible, just like many features. It starts out at $16 per month per seat for the Starter option. This gives you a 60-day chat history, as many agent accounts as you want, the full ticketing system and most of the regular features associated with the site. You don’t get all of the customization at this level though since it’s only default options for the ticket form or the surveys before and after the chat. You also only get 100 visitors for tracking and there’s n file sharing option until you bump up the subscription.

The main app is free to use with no charges added in at all. They are also experimenting with letting you hire agents from them for $1 per hour at the low end. This is experimental though, largely in Beta phase as of the beginning of 2017. So, the app itself never costs anything, but if you don’t have the personnel to actually man it, than you may be able to fully handle this through in the future.

Pure Chat starts off at $10 per month for the “Solo” plan. This gives you a 30-day chat history as well as the various integrations, live hchat options, contact data and a single website for integration. This is cheaper than what you get at LiveChat for an initial plan, and it has many of the same features, although it is just 1 user instead of unlimited like through both and LiveChat.

Chatrify has a free option, but its limited to just 1 agent, though you do have as many chats as you want. There’s also only a 14-days chat history connected to it, which is much worse than just about every other option you can get.It also includes basic reports. If you bump up to the $5 per agent per month option that’s paid annually, you get 90 days chat history and full customization of your widget. Then there’s the “Essential” option that gives you unlimited history and multiple agent options for $10 per month paid annually, or $14 per month if you just go month to month. This translates to hundreds of dollars per year, however.

Overall, you get a free 14 day trial at Chatrigy, but the one at LiveChat lasts for longer. Also, is free forever. Chatrify does have a free option as well, but the version looks considerably better. In terms of higher paid options Pure Chat and Chatrify do tend to offer more, especially since they have more customization and support.It is worth noting that people have compared to Chatrify and found them similar although Chatrify is completely free, however.


LiveChat has positive reviews from G2 Crowd with a 9.3 out of 10 with more than 150 reviews available. Positive reviews include those happy about the automated responses options and the archives. Negative reviews were critical of the afterhours feature since you may not know that you even got a customer message if you do everything through mobile.Both Chat Tool Tester and Get App give the service over 4 out of 5 stars as well, so it’s a fairly well reviewed site in the live chat area. Some reviewers are also a bit unenthusiastic about the fact that it can be difficult to hide chat windows after a chat triggers. also gets strong positive reviews from G2 Crowd at 9.8 out of 10 fom 15 reviews. They have a few positive reviews fro Trust Pilot as well coming in around 7 out of 10.Both Shopify and Google Play also highly rate their service, with over 70 reviews giving them a perfect score on Shopify, and more than 2000 giving them a 4.6 on Google Play. The reviews at Shopify overwhelmingly gush about how is free but has options that cost hundreds of dollars per year at other places ike Chatrify. Many reviewers said the main downside was that there’s no easy way to reposition things with a bar. Other more negative reviews comment about how you have to say logged in to keep the “online” status, and that the mobile apps can be a bit limited in terms of controlling the scheduler.

Pure Chat has overwhelmingly positive reviews such as nearly 100 positive reviews from G2 Crowd with a 9 out of 10 rating or so. Sofware Advice reviewers, over 160 of them, give the service a 4.5 out of 5. The rating on Google Play is also highly positive being over 4 out of 5, as is their rating on Facebook. Reviewers are also highly positive about how easy it is to use. Apparently only a few clicks gets you right to interacting with customers. You can see a lot of info about visitors this way, though some criticisms included that ther’s a wish to include more like email address and name rather than just geo location. Apparently, there are also some glitches that can happen sometimes with the tool as well, such as chats not initializing properly.

Chatrify has some positive reviews through Facebook and Capterra, but only a few each. The Google Store has almost a perfect rating, but there’s only 50 or so reviews. This is as opposed to thousands from other places like reviews for Chatrify include that the customer support can be less than perfect, and that the localhost option has issues sometimes.

Overall, gets some of the best reviews, especially in comparison to other services in the area of pricing especially. Some reviewers even compared Chatrify and with the emphasis being that was free and Chatrify costs hundreds of dolalrs per year after the free trial. Most of the options have strong reviews in general though, without a whole lot of complaining going on.

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