RelateIQ vs Freshdesk vs SalesBoom: CRM Software Compared
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RelateIQ vs Freshdesk vs SalesBoom: CRM Software Compared

RelateIQ is the highest-end for CRM, making it effective for larger businesses. They’ll even train your staff at the highest plan. FreshDesk gives you the most for the least amount of money. They even let you use some of their services for free. SalesBoom has the most customization options and the most support options if you pay.
Covered in this report
RelateIQ — Best Features
Integrate the software with over 300 other apps such as MailChimp or Hubspot.
Capture your emails, meeting logs and phone call logs automatically.
Best for: Larger businesses that need a lot of automation to keep up.
Freshdesk — Best Features
24x7 email support with all plans including the free one.
Add livechat tool right into your CRM software.
Best for: Individuals looking for the most economical solutions they can find.
SalesBoom — Best Features
Customize many service aspects like profile security, forecasts and workflow engine.
90 day moneyback guarantee if you're not satisfied with service.
Best for: Those who need a unique CRM build with as much customization as possible.

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM Software is often essential for making sure that business processes go off without a hitch on the customer’s side. Most businesses rise and fall based on what their customers think of them, after all. Here’s a comparison between some common CRM software so you can find what works for you the best.


RelateIQ is a company connected to the powerful Salesforce service. It has quite a few automation possibilities for those that desire this type of functionality for smoothing over their business operations.


  • Automatic Data Capture-This feature makes it so that all of your emails, phone calls and online meetings are captured and saved automatically so you can check them whenever you want.
  • Smart Reminders-If you forgot to respond to an email that you’re supposed to, or do anything conducive to your sales plan, the system can automatically remind you to make sure you have a fast response to the leads that are going to get you the most ROI.
  • Free 30 Day Trial-Try out the service for free for 30 days to see if you like it. This applies to any of the three plans.
  • Unlimited Integrations-You can integrate as many other tools into your CRM program as you want including MailChimp for email campaigns, Hubspot, and as many as 300 others.



FreshDesk has over 40,000 customers currently, including companies you’ve definitely heard of like Honda, Goodreads, Dandelion Chocolate, QuizUp, Toshiba and Sony Pictures. You can contact them at 1-866-832-3090.


  • 24 x7 Email Support with All Plans-You get access to email support and phone support even with the free Sprout plan.
  • Livechat for Your Service- You can add live chat options right to your helpdesk section of your CRM program. This lets you convert chats right into tickets if you want. You can also get access to visitor information right while you’re chatting. If you want, you can even start chats with visitors to your site proactively without having to wait for them to start. You can add your chat availability this way too. Some plans gives you chat widgets for different products as well.
  • IP WhiteListing-With the highest level plan, you can whitelist particular IP addresses if you’d rather only deal with certain customers in certain capacities.
  • Extensive Ticketing Features –This includes the email ticketing feature, as well as the ability to merge tickets, and export tickets elsewhere if you need to do this.



SalesBoom is the program for those who want to focus on customization.


  •  90 Day Moneyback Guarantee-If you don’t like the service after trying it for three months, you can get your money back.
  • 99.8% Uptime Guarantee-SalesBoom guarantees that your cloud-based CRM will be up for at least 99.8% of the time.
  • Customizable Workflow Engine-You can get a workflow engine customized exactly to the way your business functions.
  • Profile Security and Role Customization-You can also customize many other parts of your service with the “Professional” plan such as your profile security. This includes being able to regulate IP login preferences and give specific access rights to whoever you want.
  • Live Demo-If you want someone to demo a part of the service for you, it’s possible to schedule this from the main page.



Head to Head


RelateIQ starts off with the “Small team” plan that’s about $50 a month per user if you bill annually. This gives you the core features, the data capture, and the follow-up reminders. The “Business” plan is around $100 for each user annually. This includes more features such as pipeline, sales and activity reports. It also includes unlimited integrations. If you want the “Enterprise” option, it’s $200 per month and this includes custom training for your whole team.

FreshDesk is lower end then RelateIQ in terms of pricing by far. The “Sprout” plan is free and allows for 3 agents to use your plan. If you want more than 3 with this plan you have to pay $15 per month. After that, there’s “Blossom” which is $16 per month, followed by “Garden” at $25 per month and “Estate” at $40 per month, all of these are the annual rate. The highest is “Forest” at $70 per month.

The first plan for SalesBoom is $14 per month and it’s called “Team.” You can get a 7-day free trial of it if you want. This includes 5 GB of storage, mass email, zip code proximity search and email templates. Next is “Professional” which is $45 per month per user. This adds 10 GB of data storage and other options like customizable forecasts, for example. The highest one is called “Enterprise” and it costs $95 per month per user. Extra features include 24/7 toll-free phone line and unlimited customization.

This means that FreshDesk has the cheapest plan since its “Spout” plan is free for as long as you want to use it. RelateIQ has the most high-end plan since their Enterprise plan is $200 a month, but it includes extras like specific training for your team.


The “Contact us” link at the bottom of the page gives you a form email to fill out for help. It doesn’t look like there are any other ways to contact RelateIQ.

FreshDesk has a phone number and an email address available right through the bottom of their page so you don’t have to click on an extra page to get there. You can also contact them through social media like Facebook, Linked-in and Google+ as well. There’s a live chat option specifically from the “helpdesk features” page if you want to talk to someone online for help with a question.

SalesBoom has a 25 case limit per month per user with the team edition for contacting them. The response time is 24 hours through email no matter what though. The Enterprise edition will give you a personal customer service representative, and there’s toll-free phone access for Canadian and American customers.

FreshDesk seems to give you the most contact options for the least since some of their services are actually free. SalesBoom gives you support quality based entirely on how much you’re paying.

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